Scratch Card Jackpots

 Play scratch card jackpot games In this segment, we’re going to be talking about scratch card jackpots. Online scratch cards are able to pay out a range of prizes, starting with the amount you paid to play it, and scaling up to however high the game can pay.

Traditional scratch tickets, namely those bought in a store, associated with the national lottery of your region, have preset prices and preset jackpots. If you want to play a certain card, you must pay the exact price, and can only win the prizes deemed payable according to the rules of the game. These games with jackpots have no variable values.

Scratch Cards with Progressive Jackpots

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    Beat the Bank - find three diamonds and hit the minimum progressive jackpot £5,000. Match three safe symbols and win up to £1250 jackpot.

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    Luck and Fortune is a new scratch card with a Chinese restaurant theme. Match any three symbols and get over £20,000 of the progressive jackpot.

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    Adventures in Wonderland is a 9 panel scratch card with over £5,000 progressive jackpot. 3 symbols of Alice activates a bonus game where Alice is droped down to the Rabbit Hole. Help Alice to find 3 symbols of treasure at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole and win up to 500 times your stake. Get 3 White Rabbit symbols and active the bonus game where you can win up to 75 times your stake.

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    Who Want To Be A Millionaire - Match three symbols of phone a friend or ask the audience or take 50:50 and win real money prizes. Receive 3 Jackpot symbols at £5 stake and hit the progressive jackpot over £20,000. The game uis available on mobile phones.

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    Beachside Bonanza is a new scratch card game where you need to get three diamonds that to get the money prizes. This is a progressive game, so with the £5 bet you have a chance to win 100% of the progressive jackpot, which is always over £5,000. Moreover this game is available on mobile phones.

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    Arabian Delights - collect three diamonds to win over £ 5,000 of the progressive jackpot. If you bet minimum 10 pennies, then you have a chance to hit only 2% of the jackpot, the maximum bet £5 allows you to win the maximum progressive jackpot.

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    Golden Balls is a bingo scratch card with a progressive jackpot of more than £5,000. Match any 3 amounts and win the prize money.

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    Deal or No Deal Quick Scratch - Here you can win over £5,000 progressive jackpot if you bet maximum - £5. If you bet minimum 50 pennies, then you have a chance to receive 10% of the jackpot.

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Jackpot Odds

When playing, jackpots can actually vary from a high amount, to a higher amount, to an incredibly high amount! We'll explain that a little better for you.

Because you can change the stakes of an game, progressive jackpots can also change in size. Let’s say a game can be played for £1, £2 or £5. The scratch card jackpot for a £1 stake could be £10,000; for a £2 stake - £20,000; for a £5 stake - £50,000.

Some scratch games can easily be compared to Slot Machines, in terms of higher payouts for higher stakes. In the example above, the stakes-to-jackpot ratio rose evenly, much like that of a Multiplier Slot Machine. This means there is no advantage to staking £5, instead of £1, aside from the obvious higher payout. The point is, you don’t get rewarded for staking higher.

On the other hand, some progressive jackpot games will increase higher than the expected ratio, just like a Bonus Multiplier Slot Machine. Using the same basic example, what if staking the highest amount of £5 increased the largest jackpot prize to £100,000? This would mean that staking the highest amount (or "Betting Max", as they say in the slots world) raises your expected payout two fold, and you can win rich for life jackpot.

Progressive scratch cards such as these actually give players something that is very hard to come by in online games – a viable strategy! If the jackpots increase for betting the highest stakes, so should the smaller potential prizes. By giving yourself a higher payout ratio, you are increasing your payout potential as well, therefore making it more strategically profitable to play the highest stake when playing such games.

Knowing this information, you can see just how very important it is to read the rules and pay out structure for every game you wish to play. A short-cut here is to click the ‘increase stakes’ arrow to the fullest amount and watch the ‘maximum prize’ increase. Watch to see if the increase is even with each accelerated bet size.

Also be sure to read the exact conditions required to win the scratch card jackpot. No need to get overly excited when scratching off that virtual foil, only to find you aren’t really eligible for the jackpot. We should point out, however, that one extreme benefit of scratch games is that you cannot mistake a winning card for a loser. There’s no tossing it in the trash – if you win, you get paid, no matter how recklessly you read the results of your online scratch cards.

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