Free Scratch Cards

Free scratch cards in 3WOW gameFree scratch cards are now very popular, almost each site gives such offers to new and old platers. One of the benefits of such bonuses is that you can win real money prizes without spending your own money. It is also a great way to try out a new game or a ticket, get used to the rules and decide whether you’d like to play it again for real money.

Best Scratch Sites with Free Bonuses
  • CrazyScratch CrazyScratch

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  • Hopa Hopa

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  • Karamba Karamba

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  • Prime Scratch Cards Prime Scratch Cards

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  • Scratch2Cash Scratch2Cash

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How to Get Free Cards?

  1. Most sites that offer free scratches will allow players to scratch 1 or 3 cards per day without spending own money. So, you just need to choose a site from the above list, sign up there and you will receive offers alomost every day. The likelihood of winning is incredibly low, and you'll probably have to spend that cash playing real-money games anyhow. It's not a bad deal, really, but most true fans would rather fork over a little cash for a chance to win bigger, better and more frequent prizes that they can actually get their hands on.
  2. Another way to get your hands on free scratch cards with real money prizes is by joining a new site and making a deposit. Most of these will offer a 100% matching welcome bonus. Let's say you join the site and deposit £100. The site then gives you a free £100 match bonus. You can use that bonus cash to purchase tickets; essentially the same as £100 worth of free scratch tickets.

  3. Play The Game for Free Without Registration

    Benefits of Playing Free Scratch Games

    Going back to the original purpose of playing scratch tickets for free, using these fun-money cards for practice is a great way to get a feel for which games you should and should not be playing. Every game should come with a free or demo play option. Use this feature to see whether you like the game or not.

    If you don’t like a game, it doesn't mean your chances of winning are any less. But it will lower your enjoyment of playing when there is real money on the line. Scratch cards depend entirely on luck to win – there is no real strategy involved – meaning the entertainment value takes a much more important role in playing. In short, if you don't enjoy playing, not only will the losses be more irritating, the wins won't be as exhilarating.

    Once you've found a game that you truly enjoy playing, and have absorbed the rules of playing and winning, you can leave the free scratch offs behind and try playing for real money. You'll be given a choice of prices/stakes, so you don't have to worry about breaking your bankroll in a few games.

    Free scratch tickets have a lot of benefits, from sheer entertainment, to developing a strong sense for the game before deciding whether to play the same game for real money. Use this for your own benefit and enjoyment, and don’t forget – it’s a game of luck and intuition. Whether for real money or for free, scratch tickets are a great way to pass the time on your computer, laptop or mobile phone.

    Why Do Sites Give Free Offers?

    Everyone loves to get something for free. It is very natural to be happy about anything that comes to you without any cost. We are overwhelmed when we see anything that is available for free. This is exactly the reason behind the strategy of business owners' introduction of free products schemes to attract customers. Scratch tickets are among the most growing phenomena over the internet. They had already been very popular in the real world but since they have gone to the internet, their popularity has increased much more. Many sites are offering free scratch tickets.

    The industry of scratch games has been widely growing over the internet. This has led many websites to enter this business and capture the imagination of people. The competition among these sites has led their think tanks to develop such techniques which can attract players more and more. So, like a superstore offering free samples, these websites also offer free scratch cards. Such type of tickets is of great attraction for the general public because they can instantly win prizes without spending even a penny.

    However, there are limitations to this too. As the tickets are given away for free, the prize money is also restricted to some small certain amount. Due to this reason, these games might not appear to be that lucrative as many of the paid tickets. But nonetheless anything coming for free is an absolute bonus.

    How Does It Work?

    Now let us have a look at the mechanism that is followed in order to give free bonus and then see that how it works? Many sites offer some free cards on sign up. In this way, they are able to attract more players what is the main purpose of the websites. On the other hand, a person who signs up on the website gets free tickets and he or she can even win big prizes if he or she gets to hit the jackpot. For this, the player can opt to play online games and after he or she has won the money, he or she can use this money to generate more money and the cycles goes on like this.

    The free tickets have been a craze all across the internet and people have been taking these with great anticipation. Overall, the provision of scratch tickets for free has enabled the gaming industry to expand and people also have now been able to enjoy in more. So, now it is far easier to play the fun games and win substantial amounts of money at the same time. But, do not forget to be extremely careful of those sites which are nothing more than a scam and just mean to loot your money away. On our site you can find only reputable and trustful gaming sites offering free scratch cards, where you will play in a safe and secure environment.

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